As with Bigfoot, the artist and creator of this series is a bit on
the elusive side. He is rarely seen in public, spending most
of his days sketching in his studio located among the
mighty oak trees found only in the deep, cark woods
Far of the beaten path.
Deeply inspired by nature, the artist spent most of his
childhood tracking creatures great and small across the
rocky ridgelines and wooded mountainsides, perfecting his
tracking skills and keen ability to spot what many of us never
see. It was once said that the artist could identify approaching
hummingbirds from two counties away with one eye, while
tracking a fast-moving, bouncing black bear on a pogo
stick with the other eye.
Despite his many accomplishments, his most important discovery
and skill is the ability to spot the deceptive Bigfoot that walks
among us but remains unseen by most. After spending
decades learning the habits of this elusive, mythical creature,
the tracker/artist has finally agreed to share his journals
that capture the sightings of the infamous, larger-than-life
creature that has mystified generations.
Now you have the opportunity to sharpen your search-and-find
skills by finding not only Bigfoot and his legendary footprint, but
also the many other unusual and sometimes unexpected people,

creatures, and objects that can be found at anytime…anywhere.